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Thatch roof from almost 30 years

We make thatch for the most demanding customers, ensuring their unique aesthetics. We guarantee excellent insulation coverage, durability and safety!

Range of activity - thatching

Thatch is a natural roof cover and our specialty. Thatch reed realized on new buildings, but also straw thatch or replacement of old thatched roofs and all work related to the thatched roof - a reed roof!

Irbis Thatcher - team

We are at your disposal to solve any issues related to the implementation, or service of thatched reed or straw. The family tradition of our company is a guarantee of your success, when you face the challenge of the most beautiful roof of reeds or straw!

I. Sikorski

I know everything about thatch, but I still manage to broaden my knowledge in the field of technology differences in different countries!

Thatching is my passion. For years, I have been extending my knowledge in different countries, adopting the best solutions.

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W. Sikorski

Marketing Manager - Germany
Irbis Thatching: thatch in Germany? I live among them in Wyk auf Föhr!

Thanks to the family tradition of thatch, they have no secrets for me. I invite interested parties from Germany to cooperate

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D. Sikorski

Marketing Manager - Holland, Great Britain
Irbis Thatching: thatch in the Netherlands is my everyday

Thatching always fascinated me! For years I have been gaining experience using thatch in Denmark, Holland and Great Britain

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Do you have a question? The reed roof is a problem for you? Maybe you are looking for remarkable solutions, which is a reed thatch? Contact us using the form below - we will answer as soon as possible!

The most picturesque thatch roof

From the portfolio of several hundred thatched roofs, which we had the pleasure to perform or renew, here we present a few: thatched reed or straw - step by step:

Irbis Thatching Rethatching Services: renovation of thatch in Karpacz - 2016

Thatch renovation in Karpacz

Implementation of thatch service at the "Sarnia" villa in Karpacz was a challenge - from the north the roof sheltered by the trees was soaking up! Other pages also needed repairs. The neighborhood of the National Park obliges" […]

Irbis Thatching Rethatching Services: the first building with a roof made in the Polfibra system - 'thatched roof'

Thatch in the Polfibra system

Designed and made on the reference object. The cross-section of the roof used meets the requirements of plating technology and thermal insulation. The unprecedented form of the roof and thatch presents our possibilities […]

Irbis Thatching Rethatching Services: renovation of thatch in Denmark in Aalsrode - 2005

Thatch with home modernization - Aalsrode

Add a winter garden to an old house? Why not! Only those walls that have crumbled in your hands. All in all it worked perfectly, and even underfloor heating works perfectly. The annex took over the function of the dining room

I want to have a thatch on the roof

Thatch on the roof, it is undoubtedly a view that is not common! The use of such a cover adds not only charm, but also prestige - a house under thatched roofs determines the unquestionable high social status of its inhabitants, organizes the next and the next space anew, it becomes often a landmark that can not be overlooked! A well-deserved estimate can also become a source of problems - in fact, I come across this problem more and more often. So often, I decided to write a few words about it here. Let's think together: will we risk it if we implement an investment that will have a significant impact on our lives?

Lovely thatch near Wieliczka

Roofs of reeds ... - I really do not like this measure! It is associated with a hut of prehistoric homo sapiens, on which the reed was laid without any technical culture. Thatch is not only the finesse of shape, but above all the traditional way of building! To think that roofs are still in progress, the age of which is estimated for several hundred years and their technical condition fulfills its function. During the renovation of old thatch I feel like a lesson given by ancient masters. I use my experience during the implementation of contemporary roofing, always trying to build in harmony with nature and local tradition.

Lovely thatch near Wieliczka

A thatched roof and what next!

Thatching - Respect for traditional technologies means that in Europe thatch roofing is practiced on virtually all types of buildings: from modern temples to modern, rustic houses in the countryside. Between there is a place for thatched multi-family buildings, multi-storey blocks of flats or public facilities. The tradition of living is not only comfortable but also beautiful - but we can not forget that it is not a cover for everyone! In the implementation of thatched roofing, the building must be designed "for the roofs", which is associated with many conditions, such as: appropriate cross-sections of timber construction elements or a special chimney design. First of all, the roof should have adequate inclination angles, ensuring good drainage of rainwater. It is the basic condition that the thatch survives the assumed 50-100 years!

A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation

reed roofs - the condition of proper durability of thatch is the proper air circulation, without which the thatch degrades much faster. Cane absorbs moisture like any biological material and it is one of its advantages - in periods when the air temporarily contains less moisture that creates a favorable microclimate in the immediate surroundings of the house. In the absence of proper circulation, the reed begins to rot, and in the decomposition process harmful compounds, mold spores, etc. are released. The next issue is the drainage of rainwater - the gutters usually do not use gutters, extending the cover far beyond the outline of the building. On the one hand, this solution causes that rainwater does not have contact with the walls ensuring their maximum insulation, but on the other hand it requires a system that will drain rainwater from the area around the house

A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation

A thatched roof in England!

A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation
A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation A house in the Danish province - thatched roofing after renovation