Irbis Thatching


it is the basis of a thatched roof! If it meets the strength requirements, the rest is just aesthetics, but sometimes this aesthetics is equally important! Then we go to work!

Thatch - wooden constructions

Sometimes we realize unique wooden constructions, but most often we do them either when reconstructing historic buildings or when renovating thatched roofs! There are several original projects among our projects, such as the construction of a hexagonal gazebo. We always provide good advice when the construction crew does not know how to adapt it to the thatched roof.

Irbis Thatching: joining rafters in the ridge - these solutions are applied in regions exposed to tectonic shocks Irbis Thatching: wooden construction of a window in the roof - swallows Irbis Thatching: decorative ending of the ridge beam Irbis Thatching: rafters based on a ridge beam Irbis Thatching: decorative wooden structure of the top set of the rafters Irbis Thatching: support on the rafter wall, which will be extended with a wedge

This is usually the beginning of a replacement of thatch! It is a surprise for the investor that the three-year oak construction has been influenced by time, and we can only say that it has withstood so much in extreme conditions! Moisture absorbed by a 1.20 m thick coating would destroy a standard structure without any problem within a few years! In this case, the construction was preserved by carbon black!

Irbis Thatching: that's how one of the projects started

We should remember about several conditions that must be met at reed coverage: the weight of the cover for the maximum calculation: approx. 70 kg, inclination angle: ideally approx. 50 degrees. If the roof section is to be closed with a GK finish, do not forget about the ventilation space that guarantees air circulation in the constructionally closed fields through the baskets! Let the photos tell the story further ;-) Submit offer inquiry

Irbis Thatching: construction of a wooden hexagonal gazebo Irbis Thatching: a wooden construction of a dormer with half-timbered walls Irbis Thatching: a few storey wooden structure of the Larch Manor Irbis Thatching: wooden structure of an open day room (no ceiling) Irbis Thatching: some support of wooden rafters on a murbelette Irbis Thatching: wooden roof and ceiling construction

The one in the picture was protected by a smoke sludge (the house was made with smoke holes in the tops). The only option was to make the structure almost from scratch, with the simultaneous setting of the tiled floor - because it turned out that the building was expanded three times in three hundred years, but each time the construction had different dimensions.
A few curiosities and the end result

Irbis Thatching: Irbis Strzecharstwo: already in implementation - stage construction of straw thatched with wooden structure