Irbis Thatching Rethatching Services


Brak prawnie uregulowanych standardów wykonania strzech nie może przesądzać o jakości strzech realizowanych w Polsce. Nasza pasja tworzenia strzech, połączona z wiedzą o ich budowie zobowiązuje - prezentujemy warunki i czynniki decydujące o trwałości strzechy.

Durability of thatch

In the table below, we present the potential durability of the thatched roofing taking into account the influence of the roof pitch angle and the reed angle. The real durability of thatch is also influenced by:
  • orientation towards the sides of the world; northern tracts degrade faster, just like every roof diversification - shady places
  • building's surroundings; places with limited (trees, high bushes) air circulation are accelerated destruction

The above factors can reduce the lifetime of the coverage by 20 to 50%

table illustrating the influence of roof pitch angle and reed angle on durability during thatched reed coverage

We provide the preparation service technical opinion during implementation . This protects the investor against the acceptance of work carried out contrary to the art of construction