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this is the scope of work connected inextricably with the proper implementation of thatch! Effective security is the result of a comprehensive project development, taking into account all possible sources of danger!

Fire protection of thatched roofs

IRBIS Thatching has many years of experience in implementing security. We carry them throughout Europe and constantly examine the possibility of increasing their effectiveness in order to guarantee the highest level of safety of use of objects marked with our certificate. The technological regime used during the protection of fire from a fire already provides reliable quality, and European standards, although heterogeneous, increase their effectiveness!

Warranty certificate for fire protection thatch with contact to the contractor Protection of the thatch against ignition - impregnation

The additional effect of the impregnation is to increase the longevity of thatch - the center covers the reed with a waterproof layer. This water causes the degradation of thatch - dry reed could probably last ten times longer! We finish the security by attaching the certificate in a visible place. It is important that the investor takes care of its maintenance - in the event of a fire, it is a source of information on how to secure it!!

We place the guarantee certificate for fire protection of thatched roofs in a visible place Protection of the thatch against ignition - impregnation

Fences of thatch - statistics

There are several possible causes of thatch fires. In European countries, where the thatch is a sign of exceptional social position and prestige, long-ago solutions eliminating the most dangerous ones have been introduced. The execution of a chimney dedicated to a thatched house reduces the risk of fire by more than 90%. Another cause - the danger from airborne fire has been minimized by developing a measure that significantly reduces the flammability of the covering applied to the surface of the roofing, while maintaining the aesthetics and ecological character of the roofing.

The chimney is made according to European standards against fire Chimney made according to European standards against fire Roof on the chimney - with a spark arrestor net

If we add to the above-mentioned right angle of roof inclination and a roof peak with a spark-screen mesh, we can in principle state that our roof is prepared for predictable threats that result from research and existing statistics ... except for unpredictable threats, i.e. discharge electric during a storm, or intentionally planting a fire ... which also happened during our career - but on this below. We have several years of experience in the field of fire protection - thanks to this we offer methods proven by our company with proven effectiveness

Impregnation of the thatched surface - reducing flammability Protection of the thatch against ignition - impregnation Protection against ignition thatch - impregnation

Construction protection

The most common, statistically, causes of fire in the coverage are eliminated by introducing solutions that you have read above, but there is always a certain number of causes that can not be avoided - then the safety of the households is guaranteed by the fireproof insulation laid out on the wooden structure. In England, these are anti-fire plates, mounted on the construction, and under the patches - unfortunately, these plates stop the air circulation, which is necessary for the proper functioning of thatch. In the absence of circulation, the reed can not keep up the moisture it absorbs from the air, and this creates perfect conditions for the development of biological pathogens!

Sepatec - Danish solution verified by time Sepatec - a solution used in Denmark, significantly improving roof safety Sepatec - provides effective protection of the thatched roof

For over a dozen years, we have been using the Danish solution - insulating material - fabric made of polymerized fiberglass. The insulation is supplemented with mineral wool in the places of blowing. This method does not eliminate air circulation and includes protection not only of the structure but also wooden patches on which the fabric is attached. We are the pioneers of using this method in Poland, for many years we have been cooperating in this field with the patent's owner company. This protection has been applied in the reference building, strengthening the effect of Sepatec for additional insulation from mineral wool, placed between and under the rafters - the name "Polfibra System""

Sepatec on the reference building supplemented with insulation between and under the rafters - Polfibra system Sepatec on the outside and on the inside preparation for supplementation with the Polfibra system Sepatec is the only safeguard that ensures air circulation through the thatched roof without having to increase the roof thickness excessively

Complementary elements

A well-designed, safe thatched house takes into account all the above elements, but we can further increase the level of security by expanding the alarm system with a line, with a detector with a smoke detector and an excess-differential temperature sensor placed in the attic. It is worth to configure the alarm system in such a way that it notifies you with a separate message on the detection of a fire! Obligatory house with thatched roof should be equipped with an easily accessible tap with a hose terminated with a nozzle. The length of the hose must allow the entire roof to be covered with a stream of water.

Alarm line with a smoke detector and high temperature in the attic

It is extremely important to provide information on how to secure coverage in the event of fire-fighting. The way firefighters operate and its effectiveness depends on it! If the structure is separated by a barrier from a fire, you do not have to take action inside the building, which significantly reduces the damage caused during the firefighting action. It is then possible to conduct operations from a short distance from the fire source, because the temperature of the burning thatch is limited by the lack of oxygen access. Thanks to this, the extinguishing action is short and effective. The Warranty Certificate contains contact to the contractor!

Warranty Certificate with contact to the contractor of thatch

If you want to order impregnation

We offer protection in the form of impregnation of the thatched surface. In order to order the service, please describe:

  • what is the reason for the performance of the security;
  • what is the type of coverage and finishing;
  • the number of windows and other elements on the roof;
  • roof size and access;
  • contact (telephone, address);
  • pictures of the object;
  • suggested date of execution of the security.

We can change the date of protection in case of unfavorable weather conditions or insufficient quantity of impregnate on the condition.

The cost of performing the security is dependent on:

  • on the size of the impregnated surface;
  • on the number of elements requiring protection against soiling;
  • from the classification that the roof is to receive as a result of impregnation;
  • from the way of access to the roof;
  • location
  • possible additional costs that may occur (need to provide service, need to rent equipment that allows access to the roof, etc.).

We issue invoices. The average delivery time of 200m2 is up to two business days.

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Informations about company

· 1991 year of establishment.
· 2003 year, April - the first foreign contract to cover thatched roofs in Belgium.
· 2005 year - Denmark, Rinkenaes - before the visit of His Royal Highness, we restored the splendor of the residence with the restoration of the former cover that was the thatched roof - the building was given the title "Pearl of Danish Architecture"!
In the year 2016 We celebrated 25 years of the company's existence. Thatching is our passion, from generation to generation!

We communicate in Polish, German and English.

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