Irbis Thatcher

MOVIES - thatched roof in LENS!

On the site you will find several films, both from the implementation of individual contracts and thematic - devoted to specific issues directly related to the performance of reed roofs.

Thatch in Denmark and England

Implementation of thatch exchange on a holiday home in Denmark, in the holiday resort of Vrist, on the west coast. The work included a picture of an old thatch, construction of a new window - dormers, location of fire insulation of the structure, making a new thatched roof with a copper ridge and another element of the so-called. secure thatch: visor with spark arrestor netting for the chimney. The work completed the impregnation of the surface to obtain the coverage classification as NRO - no fire spread!

Renovation of a historic building in England, in Kent, in Ottinge. The scope of the contract included dropping the old thatch, repairing the wooden structure of oak wood, reconstructing the straw ridge, woven with hazel, performing fire protection in the form of surface impregnation, to obtain the roof classification as NRO - not spreading fire. The product protects against fire transmitted by air and is resistant to precipitation and limits the distribution of reeds!

Roofs of reeds in Denmark

Another implementation of thatch at the village complex - this time around Hillerod in Denmark. The scope of work includes: a photo of an old reed roof on all buildings, repair of wooden structures together with the construction of new windows, renovation of old windows and installation of a new window, insulation to protect the wooden structure, new gable walls with a window and door opening, chimney covering the whole with thatched reed and protection for obtaining the NRO classification - no fire spreading. The final effect is worth attention :-)

The film presents the implementation of the renovation of the roof of an agricultural habitat in the area of Horsens in Denmark. The contract covered the scope of changing the shape of the roof on the main complex, making a new construction on the built-in dormer, leveling the roof on the whole building, adding a chimney and changing the roof structure on one side of the object (to develop the attic for residential purposes), making thatch on the whole , stables and two small architecture objects, making fire insulation, increasing fire resistance of the roof.

Thatch - fire protection

Irbis Thatching is one of the few thatch companies in Poland, using the latest solutions to improve the safety of thatched roofs. For several years, we have been using a solution developed in Denmark that perfectly protects thatched roofs from the effects of fire, and at the same time is an integral part of the Polfibra system - a method developed by us to provide thermal insulation of thatched roofs, according to European Union standards.