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usually it is necessary after many years of use, or if you want to change the aesthetics of the roof ... but not only! Like everything that we love so thatch requires attention, care and attention! Then she repays you with long durability!

Thatch - rethatching of the old cover

The replacement of thatch is certainly the most stressful job, which inconvenience will affect both the contractor and the investor. We must remember that during the exchange of thatch the entire roof covering (huge amounts of old, reed cane) will be removed from the wooden structure and must be removed. Sometimes it is also necessary to dismantle the construction itself and sometimes even part of the walls. This is the reason why, when ordering such work, the investor should have full confidence in the competences and experience of the contractor

The replacement of thatch can not be completely accidental and ill-conceived - the roof is perceived by us as a system of dependent elements, and to optimize costs, minimize the scope of work and disorder around the house, carefully plan where to start and how to proceed and the most important things - what is their final scope. Only during works related to making the new thatch can be used to lay fire-proof insulation of the structure. The possible modernization of the building must be planned beforehand.

Thatch - the effect of a small roof pitch

1. Replacement of thatch is often necessary if, for example, a small angle of inclination of the roof. In this case, on the roof, after a few years, the pressure bars are visible. This is the last signal that it's time to think about replacing the coverage. The consequence of the surface degradation, the most important layer of thatch is the penetration of rainwater into the lower layers, which when damp creates an excellent environment for the development of the decay process. During larger rainfall water also penetrates lower, causing destruction of the structure!

Thatch, reed roof: the first signs of the need to replace thatch - the pressure bars visible in the cover!

We start the process of exchanging thatch from dropping the old cover layer. After removing the entire thatch, you can assess the technical condition of the wooden structure - if the exchange takes place too late and it must be at least repaired or reinforced in places, and sometimes it should be made from scratch. In this case, we managed - the structure was in good condition, although with a drawback of a too small angle of inclination ... Correction of the roof shape with patches and thickened reed helped to lift it slightly, and the final effect can be seen in the picture below:

Roof of reed, thatch: after correction of structural defects (increasing the angle of inclination) and making anew!

Replacing thatch destroyed by moss

2. Sometimes, the reason for the need to replace thatch is to leave it to moss. The moss produces the same effect as too small roof pitch - it keeps the water from rain. While the roof covered with moss can enchant you with its charm, leaving it on the roof in the perspective of several years causes that it ceases to fulfill its basic function - under the leaking roof you can not live. The consequence of less obvious is the increase in renovation costs, when the roof structure has been damp for a long time. Let's care for that that is free of moss

The moss lends the roof of that charming grace, but it degrades the cover Unfortunately, the mech diametrically shortens the long-term durability of thatch

Well ... in a very comfortable situation you need to find positive aspects - during the overhaul of the roof you can take care that he approached modern standards: strengthen peaks, fire protection of the structure, modernize the attic transforming them into living rooms with windows, add a chimney for the fireplace whether to make a new entrance by adding stairs. The new thatched roof will only be the culmination of a reasonably designed modernization, thanks to which your home will take on a new shine.

Thatch, roof of reeds: modernization of chimneys, performance of security, new ideas Reed roof, reed roof after renovation - replacement of the cover

Change of cover - to thatch

3. The unique prestige of thatch sometimes leads even owners of houses with roofs covered with tiles to change the concept. As in the case of the previous modernization, the investor took the opportunity to improve the building's shape and proportions of individual elements. Unfortunately, it was necessary to renovate the wooden structure, and the new way of using the building (hotel) imposed the necessity to perform a full fire protection in the form of chimney adaptation, construction insulation and surface impregnati

Benniksgaard before laying thatch - tile roofing Benniksgaard before laying the thatched roof - ceramic tile cover

You have probably noticed unusual window treatments - this way of execution was supposed to provide maximum light access - a board border extending outwards and a horizontal orifice from thatch that fancifully goes sideways. Replacement of the cover was part of the preparation for the opening of the gastronomic and hotel complex. A year later, in 2005, the building was named the Pearl of Danish Architecture, commemorating the brass memorial plaque placed at that time. It is a pity that it was not mentioned on the performers ... from Poland

Thatch in Rinkenaes - during the thatched roofing, the shape was changed, the spacing was increased and the windows were enlarged Benniksgaard after making a new thatched roof - new windows with a new shape, new window location and their enlargement

If you order a replacement of thatch

We offer a replacement of thatched roofing. We recommend contact even when the thatch fulfills its functions! In order to cooperate, please send the required information:

  • roof surface;
  • type of object;
  • required security;
  • planned date and time of completion;
  • contact (telephone, address);

The term of the order depends on its time-consuming - it may be necessary to book a free time allowing for the execution of the order.

The cost of replacing thatch is dependent:

  • from the size of the thatched surface;
  • on the number of windows, chimneys, etc .;
  • from the scope of work to be carried out (construction, security, insulation, etc.);
  • location

We issue invoices. We provide up to 10-year warranty for works made from scratch by our company!

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Informations about company

· 1991 year of establishment.
· 2003 year, April - the first foreign contract to cover thatched roofs in Belgium.
· 2005 year - Denmark, Rinkenaes - before the visit of His Royal Highness, we restored the splendor of the residence with the restoration of the former cover that was the thatched roof - the building was given the title "Pearl of Danish Architecture"!
In the year 2016 We celebrated 25 years of the company's existence. Thatching is our passion, from generation to generation!

We communicate in Polish, German and English.

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