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is a specialist assessment of the technical condition of thatched roof. It defines, analyzes and interprets the design or actual state of coverage elements and formulates conclusions regarding further fate and indicated intentions.

Thatch - Assessment technical condition

The technical opinion of the thatched roofing is made on the basis of the detailed inspection of the object, analysis based on experience, available design documentation, which in the case of thatched roofing is usually very general. Ultimately, the diagnosis in such a study is made on the basis of the applicable regulations as well as the expert's knowledge and experience

The need to carry out such documentation takes place in different cases: for example, when leaks occur in the roof, when an existing building is planned to be modernized (rebuilt), or when we intend to change the way of use or simply buy it. The primary purpose of the opinion is to assess the condition of the facility against the background of applicable technical standards

Contents of the study

A properly prepared technical opinion should contain:

  • determining the scope of the study and the purpose it is to serve;
  • formal foundations;
  • a copy of all available project documentation;
  • description and characteristics of the subject of the study;
  • final conclusions and recommendations;

Our technical opinions of thatched roofs contain:

  • type of material, layout and method of assembly, protection;
  • determining the condition of the roof and marking areas with defects;
  • determining the perspective of repairs or renewing of thatch;
  • photographic documentation of the elements described;
  • final conclusions regarding defects, their causes and the manner of their removal.

Order the Technical Thatch Expertise

Our company offers development of technical opinions in the field of thatched roofs. In order to order a technical opinion, please describe:

  • what is the reason for the request to make an opinion;
  • what is the type of coverage and finishing;
  • the size of the roof;
  • access to the roof;
  • contact (telephone, address);
  • suggested date of the local vision implementation;
  • contact to the contractor.

We can change the date of the implementation of the local vision in case of unfavorable weather conditions.

The cost of the technical opinion is dependent on:

  • from the scope of the order;
  • the type and size of the roof;
  • the number of implementation errors that will be disclosed;
  • the number of areas requiring in-depth analysis;
  • how to access the roof;
  • location
  • possible additional costs that may occur (the need for excavation disassembly-assembly, the need to rent equipment that allows access to the roof, etc.).

We issue invoices.

The average duration of the technical opinion is 14 working days. Order the implementation of the opinion

Example technical opinion in Polish

Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.1 Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.2 Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.3 Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.4

Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.5 Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.6 Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.7 Thatch, reed roof: Sample technical opinion p.8
Informations about company

· 1991 year of establishment.
· 2003 year, April - the first foreign contract to cover thatched roofs in Belgium.
· 2005 year - Denmark, Rinkenaes - before the visit of His Royal Highness, we restored the splendor of the residence with the restoration of the former cover that was the thatched roof - the building was given the title "Pearl of Danish Architecture"!
In the year 2016 We celebrated 25 years of the company's existence. Thatching is our passion, from generation to generation!

We communicate in Polish, German and English.

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To cover the thatched roof, in a reasonable time for the investor, the roof of a residence or a utility building of the order of several thousand square meters, modern work organization and experience are necessary […]