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Thatch - SERVICE, repairs COVER

Implementation of thatch is the beginning of cooperation with our company! We remain at the disposal of investors also after the warranty period, continuing to maintain thatch in excellent condition. We restore splendor to old thatch!

Thatch - roof ridge service

1. The ridge service is needed depending on its type after a period of operation from 3 to 12 years; We service ridge, straw, reed, ceramic and copper ridge. We make English ridges - woven with hazel spars. The ridge service also allows you to check the actual condition of the layers that make up the end of the thatch and possible interference to extend its durability. In the second place, the ridge underlay and its tightness are checked.

Thatched roof - checking the condition of the heather ridge foundation

In case of degradation causing leaks it is necessary to replace the undercoat. Then, depending on the ridge material, it is exchanged (heather, straw, reed ridge) or we make new welds (in the case of ceramic ridge) and in the case of copper ridge we check the quality of joints and correct them in case of leaks. We finish the ridge service by making small repairs and ordering the roof. Good ridge condition is the durability of thatch

Service of thatched roofs - filling the straw ridge with new material

Thatch - service window sills

2. The service of window sills or their replacement is made after a period comparable to that of the ridge. When weaving thatch with heather, straw or reed, we prefer to make wooden window sills. Such a solution ensures greater durability and service comes down to checking the tightness of the window sills and the surfaces that touch it. In the case of ceramic window sills, in addition to checking the tightness of the seams, we renew the jointing of the rails with possible priming of the hydrophobic agent.

Thatch - window sills should be made in a way that prevents penetration of rainwater

The most reliable, but also the most expensive solution is the machining of copper sheet. Their service is limited only to checking connections and possible additional needs. The solution with the use of copper sheet has the advantage that it can have different shapes - here we have an example of flat finishes. Copper is also great for making chimney roofs - it is relatively resistant to fumes present in this place. Visor with spark arrestor net reduces the risk of ignition of the cover.

Copper finishing of the ridge, window sill and chimney

Moss - cleaning and protection

3. Thick moss on thatched roof adds unusual charm to such cover, but unfortunately in a short time leads to its degradation - these are the facts that we could state during the service work on many roofs. The moss stops the water from rainfall, which in combination with the temperature higher than the environment creates favorable conditions for the development of bacteria and fungi that spread the reed. The basic condition for the durability of the thatched roof is the preservation at all costs of the possibility of circulation - free air flow

thatched roof - the moss lends the roof a charming grace, but it degrades the roofing

The experience of European shepherds has helped to develop methods of combating moss, without the need to remove it along with some of the decayed reed. These methods include covering the layer of thatch with biodegradable agents that selectively destroy mosses, lichens and algae. Another method is the spreading of copper material with a very large surface in the ridge layer. The formation of copper oxide and the gradual transfer of it to the bottom of the roof by rainwater inhibits the development of harmful pathogens, also securing the roof for the future.

thatched roof - the insert made of copper fiber in the ridge secures the entire area below

Thatch - thickening the roof

4. Thatch service may also include its refinement. Reeds for many years subjected to differences in temperature, humidity, the impact of winds and freezing and thawing the top layer is slowly loosening. This causes imperceptible slipping out from under the pressure rods, allowing, for example, birds or wild predators to pull out cane stalks and create leaks.

Strzecha - dach po czyszczeniu z mchu, z ponownym zagęszczeniem trzciny

There are various methods to deal with this problem. From France we know roofs with dots - compacting the tract, which consists in limping short, small bundles of reeds at regular intervals and then leveling the entire tract. Usually, it is enough to re-tap the whole roof, sticking the reed "in its place". In the pictures the roofs after such treatment - we usually finish it with periodic service.

Strzecha - Dach po 10 letnim przeglądzie, z ponownym zagęszczeniem trzciny

Thatch - fire protection

5. It is true that the service of thatch does not include the execution of fire insulation of the wooden structure (because it is made during the laying of a new thatch), but it is worth mentioning here. It is a part of the "safe house with thatched roofs" system, just like the other element of the system visible in the photo, ie a special chimney construction and a strictly defined chimney location, through which the chimney can be cleaned without going to the roof.

Thatch - a wooden roof structure with thatched roofs with fire protection

Impregnation of the thatched roof surface with a flame retardant is another element of the system that perfectly complements the previous one, and in combination with the spark-screen mesh in the chimney roof, guarantees safety in the house under the thatched roofs. The impregnation treatment is repeated every 3-5 years depending on local conditions. If the product used has the European certificate "B RooF (T1)", the protected roof, according to EU standards, obtains the classification: Non-Spreading Fire.

thatch - impregnation of the surface of the that reduces the paling's coverage perfectly complements the protection in the form of insulation of the structure

Thatch - home modernization

6. Modernization of the house is an opportunity for many changes that can improve its functionality. For changes affecting the external appearance, it is usually necessary to interfere with the architect and the approval of the construction department. In principle, we implement all possible changes interfering with the shape of thatched roofing. Changing the shape, size or type of window is the most common of them. We carry out demolition, reconstruction of the structure, installation of the window and re-covering with thatch that guarantees tightness of the cover.

Thatch - modernization of the house often makes alterations to the roof surface - here resizing windows with wooden structure reworking

Extension to the building block of the adjacent annex! In the picture, the extension of the winter garden - dining room. The connection with the existing living part of the house was obtained by demolishing part of the wall and supporting the roof on the substructure. In this place, a window frame (reinforced with a wooden upper rim) was mounted on the semi-circle plan (an important effective connection with the foundation). A semicircular shape of a new roof was added to the existing structure at a right angle and the whole was covered with thatched roofs.

Reed roof - extension of the winter garden to the façade of a thatched building with wooden roof construction

Repair of thatch damage

7. Damage to thatch arises in different circumstances. Sometimes their cause is a faulty execution, sometimes time does their job and wild animals take advantage of the occasion. More and more often the cause of damage is local storms or tornadoes destroying everything that stands in their way. In the picture below the most common cause, or simply neglect - self-seedlings grow in places where moisture persists longer and grow deeper into the roots, paving the water to deeper layers and finally to the wooden structure.

A thatched roof requires a minimum of attention - seedlings on the roots with the root destroy the cover

Another reason for the degradation of thatched roof is too close proximity to vegetation, which on the one hand inhibits air circulation and on the other hinders rapid evaporation of water from the cover. In addition, the falling leaves, branches create a favorable substrate for the development of seedlings, mosses and lichens. Damage repair consists in diagnosing the cause of damage, replacing degraded coverage and securing for the future. In the picture below: replacing thatch under trees and damage caused by a small angle of inclination.

Thatch - a longer period of unattended or executive errors often cause locally the need for deep repairs

If you want to order a service

We offer implementation of a comprehensive thatched roofing service. In order to order the service, please describe:

  • when the thatch was made;
  • whether the cover is tight;
  • what is the surface of thatch;
  • what scope of the service is planned;
  • contact (telephone, address);
  • suggested date of service completion.

The service completion date depends on its time-consuming - in the case of a large scope of work, it may be necessary to reserve the first free time allowing for the execution of the order. If the technical condition of the roof is unknown, it may be necessary to develop a technical opinion allowing for proper planning of the service and defining the scope of work.

The cost of performing the service depends on:

  • from the size of thatch;
  • from the coverage state;
  • from the planned scope of work, among which may be the modernization of the roof, the implementation of additional security, etc .;
  • from the possibility of access to the roof;
  • location
  • possible additional costs that may occur (need to make a technical opinion, the need to rent equipment that allows access to the roof, etc.).

We issue invoices.

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· 1991 year of establishment.
· 2003 year, April - the first foreign contract to cover thatched roofs in Belgium.
· 2005 year - Denmark, Rinkenaes - before the visit of His Royal Highness, we restored the splendor of the residence with the restoration of the former cover that was the thatched roof - the building was given the title "Pearl of Danish Architecture"!
In the year 2016 We celebrated 25 years of the company's existence. Thatching is our passion, from generation to generation!

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