Irbis Thatching


it is only a fraction of the implementation, usually performed as a supplement to the contract, but they are the source of the most interesting solutions. You can view various technologies, shapes and destinations here

Thatch - garden arbors!

A garden gazebo located on the edge of a water reservoir Thatched roof, with a cone-shaped roof and grill A hexagonal bower with a thatched roof and a heather ridge

A garden gazebo with an English ridge, straw woven hazel Thatched storage for horse feed Terrace next to a house with a thatched roof - a seating area with grill

Thatch - design objects

A thatched woodshed in the garden, combined with a children's home - English ridge, woven with hazel spars Covering thatched woodshed using unnecessary windows - English ridge, straw woven with hazel spars Straw thatch on the trash at the gate - reed ridge Garden house for tools - we've done something like that in our free time - thatched roof with heather ridge

A roof of a stylish box housing garbage containers - a straw thatched roof with a straw ridge Backyard garage with thatched roofs with heath ridge pressed against oak trees The garden well thatched roof - ridge of heather Stylish guest house in the garden - thatched reed roof with heather ridge, tightened with oak goats

Are you planning a small garden architecture?

We offer wooden construction, wall plating in various technologies, straw or reed roofing. We recommend contacting you at the design stage to avoid mistakes! In order to cooperate, please send the required information:

  • roof surface;
  • type of object;
  • what's thatch (straw, reed);
  • required security;
  • planned date and time of completion;
  • contact (telephone, address);

The term of the order depends on the spare capacity. If we undertake the implementation, it is possible to prepare wooden elements in our factory and to assemble the finished structure at the destination.

The cost of implementation depends on:

  • from the scope of work to be carried out (construction, security, insulation, etc.);
  • on the number of windows, chimneys, etc .;
  • from the size of the thatched surface;
  • type of thatch, assembly method;
  • location

We issue invoices. We provide a 10-year warranty for works made from scratch by our company!

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